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Endless Blue Pool Bar

Guests can enjoy snacks, beverages, cocktails and drinks around the pool which is opened between 10:00 am and 01:00 after midnight

Restaurant “THEA”

A stylish, romantic greek restaurant operating daily from 19:00pm to 22:30pm Invites you to experience not only the discerning tastes of Greek cuisine but also to relax enjoying the breathtaking sunsets of Petani bay and the amazing colors of the Ionian sea.

Ideally located next to the pool and the garden, offers both an elevated and magnificent tasting experience.
**operating daily for dinner. Menu: A la Carte



Greek Salad with feta cheese vinaigrette … 12.00€
Mesclun Salad with avocado, pine, goat cheese and honey vinaigrette … 12.50€
Mixed green Salad with kataifi, apaki meet, cottage cheese, nuts and strawberry sauce … 14.00€
Greek cheesecake with crispy traditional bread, feta mousse, homemade tomato marmalade and capper … 13.00€


Grilled Shrimps with tomato, feta cheese and spearmint … 13.00€
Traditional handmade zucchini balls with herb Greek yogurt sauce … 11.00€
Homemade meatballs with aromatic spearmint yogurt sauce … 12.00€
Traditional tzatziki with fluffy pita bread … 6.50€
Kefalonian feta cheese with olive oil and oregano … 5.00€
Fresh cut fried potatoes/parmesan and honey vinaigrette … 4.00€ /6.00€


Pork tenderloin souvlaki with fennel-root tzatziki and smoked tomato salad … 16.00€
Beef steak with aromatic baby potatoes … 25.00€
Caramelized chicken with petimezi (grape syrup) and carrot puree … 15.00€
Penne ala Greek … 12.00€
Mushroom risotto with truffle oil … 14.00€
Sauté salmon with spinach, baby tomatoes and balsamic cream … 22.00€
Sea food linguini with shrimps and mussels in aromatic bisque with tomato … 19.00€


Cheesecake with red fruits marmalade … 7.00€
Banoffee with caramel, banana and whipped cream… 7.50€
Chocolate soufflé … 8.00€
Daily traditional sweet … 6.50€

Wine list

Wines… having as sommelier the Cephalonian earth

White wines

“San Gerasimo”  Kefalonian Robola Wine Cooperative..region :100% robola,  Crystal-clear yellowish  colour.  Strong complex flavour,   full of grapefruit, floral and honeyed aromas.  26.00                                                                                    

“Vostilidi” Foivos….. Dry white wine from 100% vostilidi grapes of our region. Impressive fruity aromas of citrus, grapefruit and ripe tropical fruits. Pleasant acidity, long and refreshing aftertaste.  25.00

“Efranor”  Sclavos …..Finely aromatic with citrus fruit and typical roses on the nose. Nice interplay between flowers and savoury characteristics with a touch of phenolics. Interesting blend of Muscat and local Vostilidi.  28.00

Rose wines

“Antidote” Foivos….Dry rose wine, with main grape varieties Mavrodaphne and Muscat of our region. Strong smell of muscat combined with aromas of wild berries and notes of white flowers. 25.00                             

 “Brillante”  Kefalonian Robola Wine Cooperative..Rose Table wine, dry and semi-dry, with an immense balance of aromas and flavors, from the matching of the Kefallonian Robola, Tsaousi, Vostilidi, Moschato and Mavrodaphni varieties.  28.00

 Red Wines

“Myesis” Foivos….Dry Red wine, main grape variety: Mavrodaphne.  Intense red colour. Upfront floral aromas followed by notes of herbs and tobacco leaf.  Juicy, refreshing and really elegant. 27.00

Orgion Sclavos…   Dry Mavrodaphne matured in oak barell. Meaty but not bretty with a soft taste of black fruit and tea leaves. With fine tannins and velvety texture.  29.00                                


Wine in a jar or a glass

jar 500ml
Rose  jar  500ml
Red jar 500ml
White glass                                     
Rose  glass                                       
Red  glass 

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